Company ZAMAR was founded in 1962 from the ZACHARIA CARPENTER, that is also her chairman, as delegation and individual enterprise. Progressively and with particular success was created the [omprelopoiia] ZAMAR which henceforth stars in the Greek market of umbrella covering also a big percentage and the foreigner market.

In few years from the foundation of ZAMAR, it was created also, always with the same success, and the factory of walking sticks for men and women, that covers the bigger deposits of orthopedic types but also now anymore [goysta] collectors.

The ZAMAR has her customers, the bigger deposits wholesale the Greek and foreigner market and it supplies with parts, skeletons and buckrams most manufactures of umbrellas.

- UMBRELLAS OF RAIN: The ZAMAR produces and imports 220 different types of umbrella (male, feminine, children's, [spastes], long, [mini], [extra]-[mini], wooden, [atsalines], golf, go-carts and reception). Each type of umbrella is produced in 30 different colours and drawings and is accompanied by variety of handholds.

The ZAMAR was first [omprelopoiia] that promoted in Greece the well-known anymore umbrella of pocket for men and women, that is [asygkriti] in drawings and colours. The umbrella of pocket is sold in enormous quantities in order to is satisfied any order, because in the ZAMAR the umbrella [stereyei] never!

SUMMER UMBRELLAS: The ZAMAR produces more from 20 different types of summer umbrellas (iron, wooden, aluminium) in all dimensions and qualities and for all meteorological.

ADVERTISING UMBRELLAS: The new department of publicity that was blamed in the past few year in the ZAMAR, it proposes the more beautiful and more economic way of publicity. The ultramodern instruments of ZAMAR can you print in the handhold or even in the buckram the logo of your company, giving you the better occasion to advertize your company economically, effectively and for a long time.

WALKING STICKS OF MEN AND WOMEN: The ZAMAR produces 300 different types of walking sticks covering most needs of old men and women being careful their prices to be always accessible for our old men. It imports also walking sticks of aluminium of pocket, regulated height, other and other of each luxury in prices incredibly low and for [goysto].

FURNITURES OF EXTERIOR SPACE - EQUIPMENT - LIGHTING OF CITY: [Ma] the ZAMAR does not stop here. The two new affiliated companies, MAREL and SHALMAR, they supply the Greek market with furnitures of exterior space from [mantemi] and aluminium, as: [pagkakia], lamp-posts, [sintribania], tables, chairs of director, lounges, [mantemenies] flowerpots, [mantemenies] taps, bases for flowerpots, [ma] and [mantemenia] [kanonia] (without bombs). We accomplished [n] we change thus the aspect of many cities of our homeland with work of art, make that fills us all with pride and force to continue with [gorgoys] and ascendant rythms.

The ZAMAR maintains enormous reserve of types so that it can cover any company in any part of world. In her enormous spaces in the News Mental, it can execute any order achieving the faster and sure mission of merchandises. A visit in us, it will convince you and sure will become also you member of big family ZAMAR.

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